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Backseat... Or subwoofers?

Old 06-26-2005, 12:55 PM
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Default Backseat... Or subwoofers?

Hey, I have engaged in a huge debate with my friends on whether or not to take out the backseat of my 1987 Porsche 924S. It is water damaged slightly, and sinc it is litte good for doing anything but strapping down a papoose, I think it should go and get replaced with a nice fiberglass sub box.

They think i should keep it original and they think it's funny to stuff fat drunk people back there.

The real question is- and how difficult is it to remove and once it's gone what kind of fit and finish/trim issues are there?
Old 07-15-2005, 09:15 PM
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Default RE: Backseat... Or subwoofers?

Most likely it is coming out- We are going to need a place to weld parts of the rollcage (which friends have decided I need) and the box will also be part of a crossmember between the rear struts. THe subs are going to be either 2 10" Infinity kappa Perfects or 1 12" Adire Bhrama.
The sub/s will be mounted as low as possible to keep the center of gravity low, the battery up front will be gone and power will instead go to two Kinetic dry cell batts mounted in the space behind the rear wheel wells. Amps will be mounted under a false floor in the back hatch, and cooled by temp controlled fans. HU and mids/highs are undecided, but considering Kappa 4x6 plates then a nice set of 6.5 midbass drivers.

However- it looks like this is going to get the "backseat" priority treatment, as the car has to RUN before it gets thumpin'.
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Default RE: Backseat... Or subwoofers?

The car is a two door so keep it simple.. if you are going to install a rollcage then the choice is simple. Just put subs... I am running two 10" Kappas because they are the best.. enough ummff when set up the right away and the nice on this is that you will have clear lows and bass with the 10' Kappas. I have a Porsche 928 Gemballa and I will be removing the rear seats because after all who is going to crawl behind the two front seats. Maybe a child but after all this is a sports car with 2 doors thus only two passengers.. the rest is for the Thumpin'

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This sounds a nice idea but you must first make up your mind that making this change must not result further in getting back to the fixing of a new seat. Figure out what is necessary and then go for it blindly. Regarding what should be done to make these changes then I would prefer visiting a body shop.

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