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radar detector

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Default radar detector

Has anyone have any input in radar detectors? Are the high end modles really worth it or all pretty much the same as the 100 dollar via ebay type?
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Default RE: radar detector

Hi, in my experience with them, they only work if you are not too much over the limit, ie you have time to receive the message, ans slow down. If you are seriously over the speed limit, then the chances are by the time you get the message, you've reacted, and slowed up, you are probably banged to rights.
However the more you pay the better they are, and I use mine around town as it always reminds me where the speed cameras are too!
Regards Big Bob
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Default RE: radar detector

good point--thanx
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Default RE: radar detector

There is definitely a difference in detectors. I would say the top ones are the Bel, Valentine 1, and the Escort 8500 or 9500i. You obviously still need to use common sense, as they aren't going to ensure you don't get a ticket, but they are going to give you a fair warning if you are using your head. I run a 9500i, and it has been a good detector. The V1 is also very good.
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Default RE: radar detector

Ive installed every type of radar out. I only recommend Valentine one with a laser jammer, which I would recommend Blinder. Most radar detectors have laser pick up which lets you know that you've been hit ,basically a reminder of what story to tell the cop when you get pulled over. The radar end of it will allow you an efficent amount of time to slow down.Again you still need to be aware of your surroundings. One other thing is instant on (a mode that police radars work on)you may hear a slight beep from your radar while on a highway this is the one thing that is hard to detect. You learn as you use one daily, stick with the V1.
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Default RE: radar detector

k40 would be my brand of choice. check out this site:
I have put a number of these in and they work very well. The CALIBRE is the unit that is "hidden" in the car and the RD850 is their portable. Please feel free to contact me at my gmail account if you have questions about this or other radar products on the market. By the way what state are you in because states are begining to migrate towards LIDAR ( commonly laser ) for speed traps. Let me know how and where you drive and I can make a better recomedation for you. I can also help you find a good shop to have it installed if you go that route. Let me know.

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Default RE: radar detector

I have the valentine 1 and love it. It's saved me many times
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Default RE: radar detector

Hi there,

People prefer different radar detectors for different reasons. Although it largely depends on where you drive and what your budget is. I hope you can find this article useful? Please let me know what you think or if it was helpful for you.
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Default RE: radar detector

I have been using a V1 for years now. I got a ticket just once - and it was mostly my fault for not paying attention. i was solely relying on the detector and not scanning all of my surroundings.

A state trooper was coming onto the freeway and saw me driving quite fast. I got the ticket, I did fight it though and got it down to 70 in a 50 from the original 100 in a 50.
Funny thing is, I was doing around 140.

So lesson learn, get a top of the line detector - and use it carefully and wisely. Drive smart.

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Default RE: radar detector

I have done many many many types of radar detectors out there, first let me tell you that anything rocky mountain radar is complete junk, and you can type their name in a google search along with scam and will see what I mean. I have done a few escorts and Valentines, the escort is better in my opinion because of less falsing, the V1 will false at everything and makes for an un-enjoyable drive. I have been doing a lot of K-40's also at the same time I have done the others, with very good results. Most K40 systems though require some thought. a lot of people toss them anywhere and take your money. I have a very good reputation and never want that trashed through the world. I tested the K40's front receiver placed low, in the middle, and high. the higher the better for detection purposes. If there was awa to do a roof mount and look good, I would be all over that. Radar receiving principles are easy if you compare it with line of sight. If you can see them, they can see you. But we all know that they hide so they see you first. Also the new (well it has been out for a year) defuser ex from K40 is pretty bad ****. not has it only saved a lot of clients, which I hear the stories weekly, but it saved me numerous times from a ticket. And let it be known, they local cops are gunning for me like no other. They know what I do, and would love no more than cart me off to jail. I test every system before it gets back to the client, in house and with the local police (which is why they know) I even made a video once of them trying to pick up a vehicle... it was fun, but I didn't want them to feel like I was gloating. And as much as I respect the police, I have none for the ones policing the highways.


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