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Default Upsolute

Hey, does anybody have any experience with the Upsolute ECU chip upgrade? (http://www.upsolute.com) They claim they can upgrade the 996TT from 420hp/413tq to 510hp/487tq for about $700.00. That's pretty cheap if true and reliable.
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Default RE: Upsolute

I don't know the numbers for sure, but my friend just got his back and says he can tell a big difference at lower rpms. I sent mine off it will be back 12-13-06 Wed. so I will let you know what I think. I have the X50 package on my 03 turbo. I will let you know Wed.
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I have it for 2 days but I only got to drive hard for a little bit. It has been raining here and I need new rear tires. I could notice an increase in power. PorscheDoc says Upsolute is poor software. He knows 1000x more than me. I hope I don't have any issues, Doc says PSM , ABS lights come on. I know some people who have it and they have not had any problems. I asked Doc to let me know what software he would recommend. I can get my money back
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Default RE: Upsolute

Upsolute chips are controversial, so do your research before buying one.


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I did some research on quite a few different mapping options andeven considered Absolute. I had installed a K&N air charger and the engine ran a little rough at idle and was told that a tuning program would help with this. I personally didn't want apermanent change in my ECU so I chose Unichip, which is more of a piggy-back software. It gives you 2 mapping options. I installed the chip and then had some problems with it and sent it in. It took 6 weeks to get it back from them.I was pretty disapointed with them as far as service goes. However, I couldn't really tell a big improvement on the hp, but the engine didrun smoother at lower RPMs and the throttle was a little more responsive. My personal thoughts is that a tune would help if you modify the intake or exhaust. I doubt you will see much improvement in performance by just installing a different map.
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Default RE: Upsolute

Just had a customer in Houston send his ECU in on Thursday and got him taken care of Friday and shipped it back to him overnight. He was supposed to call back Saturday with results. Never heard from him so had to call him on Monday to make sure everything was ok. He got his ECU back around 9AM and installed and was enjoying the new found power along with new DVs.
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Default RE: Upsolute

Anyone every try Unitronic on their Porsche??
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yes dear you got real and true new and is true that there is such a chip at the given price, I ve been using it for a year almost.

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