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Boxster Performance Mods?

Old 08-10-2005, 10:34 PM
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Default Boxster Performance Mods?

Right now I'm considering a 01 ish Boxster (or 01-02 Trans Am WS6 - yes an entirely different car).

While I love the idea of a relatively light mid mounted flat 6 car, I don't think the Boxster will have quite the grunt I'm looking for.

I was hoping you all could point me toward some sites that either sell or have write-ups on performance modifications - including engine swaps.

I don't know if the admins would prefer this in the Boxster section, but I think it is a pretty general question.

Thanks guys and gals,
Old 08-10-2005, 10:50 PM
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Default RE: Boxster Performance Mods?

We are currently developing a supercharger kit for the boxster, in fact it is done, we are just putting the finishing touches on the kit. The kit utilizes procharger supercharger, and takes a stock 2.5L boxster from 160 RWHP to 230 RWHP, which is slightly more RWHP than a stock boxster S. We are also working on the same kit for the boxster S motor, we just need to figure out modifications to the headers and cats, but that should be done shortly. Other simple bolt on performance parts can include exhaust (fabspeed, dansk, GHL, etc), intake (EVO), and flash tuning (GIAC), which will dramatically increase performance, which we can help with as well.
Old 08-10-2005, 11:53 PM
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Default RE: Boxster Performance Mods?

Interesting, I had found a link to your site, but saw the Boxster section was still under construction. Looking through the kits for the other cars, the prices are much more reasonable than I would have expected. I'm assuming they're intercooled/low boost kits given the high compression of the Boxster engine?

Any more input from others is welcome!

I've been a fan of the Boxster since it came out, and have been a fan of Porsches since I was a little kid, but now I'm at the point where I can actually own one.
Old 08-11-2005, 10:57 AM
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Default RE: Boxster Performance Mods?

The kits are actually not intercooled, and we run about 4psi max boost, so the numbers are pretty impressive when you consider such low boost, in contrast my 944 turbo is running 17psi boost on its turbo. Our prototype 2.5L boxster was a 97 with 77k miles on the clock, and it performed flawlessly. Our brand new website is about to go up and replace the old website, so everything should be updated, or will be updated as we get time, where as the old website really didnt get much attention from us since we knew that it needed to be redone. The new site looks incredible, it should be up in the next week or two, along with a new online store (Other than our ebay store).
Old 08-12-2005, 02:30 PM
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Default RE: Boxster Performance Mods?

You are right, these are two very different cars. I think the decision boils down to what you value most. the WS-6 will never handle like the Boster no matter how much you spend on it. The Boxster will never have the acceleration, particularly the low-end grunt, of the WS6, unless you spend a lot on aftermarket mods, and it will never have the acceleration and power that the WS-6 can have if you spent a little extra aftermarket on it. In addition, the WS-6 is a more practical car (back seat, hatchback) which might be some consideration: I have a '98 Z-28 which is essentially the same thing, and I use it to bring home our Christmas tree each year -- fits nice in the matchback, etc.).

Some points: I have three cars, '98 Z-28 heavily modified (will get to that), '02 'vette ZO6, even more heavily modified, and an 04 Carrera, stock. I have a neighbor next door with a Bozter, lightly modified, and we occisionally help each other worl ont he cars.

First point: if you want a car to play with and modify, get the WS6. There is a world of inexpensive and effective mods out there, and you can have a satsifying hobby just evaluating, planning, selecting and fitting and then working out the bugs in hot rodding that car.
You can aslo midify the Boxster, too. There are engine mods out there, including, I believe, a supercharger kit, for a lot of power, and of course brake upgrades and aftermarket wheel and suspension kits, too. But there are far, far fewer: only one kit (that might be) available for supercharging, whereas there are about five different kits/vendors of SC/turbo kits for the LS1 V-8 in the WS-6. Those include the Magnusen SC kit which is the single best mod I've ever seen for any car: about $6000 complete: drop it on, upload the engine control program that comes with it and you have a smooth 120HP additional at the rear wheels, with no driveability problems, and your WS-6 will now take 911 Turbos on at even terms (in the 1/4 mile anyway).

And the difference in cost for mods is substantial: my experience indicates real, verifiable-on-a-dyno HP additons to a GM LS series engine cost about $80-$85 per, whereas with Porsches it is closer to $125-180/HP. Second, there are more options in how and what you modify: with the WS-6 you can do eveyrthing from small stuff (airboxes, headers, 1.8:1 rocker arms) to very extensive (there are complete aftermarket engine kits available), and everything in between, with lots of options to pick from. My experience with Porsches is that nothing like this huge spectrum is available.

My examples: -----
1998 Camaro Z-28. Stock, measured 294 HP rear wheel on a Dynojet chassis dyno, and 13.3 in the 1/4 mile. Original mods included short tube headers, cam, airbox, ram air hood, re-programming, 348 HP measured, (54 increase) for total cost of $4500, 12.6 in the 1/4 mi.. Current mods: cast-iron Ls-6 stock block from HP Engineering (Houston), 408 cubic inchs, 11.25:1 c.r., AFR heads, Kocks long-tube headers, FAST intake manifld, 90mm thorttle body, ram air, Spec II clutch, AA flywheel, 255 deg, .65 lift cam, Jesel roller rockers, etc, reinforced trans, sub-frame, revised rear suspension, tubbed rear wheel wells, etc. 495 HP measured (201 more than stock), 11.9 1/4, and NOS 100 HP kit (565 HP measured with the nitrous, 11.1 best 1/4) $16,000 total cost.

2002 Corvette ZO6. Stock, measured 357 HP at rear wheels (405 manufacturers rating), 12.7 1/4. Original modes inlcuded Lingenfleter long-tube headers, Magnusen SC kit, 477 HP measured (120 additional), 11.4 1/4 mi. cost $9900 complete. Current modes: tubed rear wheel wells, 13 inch wide Fikse wheels with 345 section rear tires, upgraded brakes (1/2 wide discs, drilled rotors, etc). GMPP C5R block, Crowler forged crank and rods, CP pistons, Patriot III heads with additonal porting and polishing, 2.1 inch intake valves, Kocks 1-7/8 long tube headers, super-size cats, GHL exhaust, Crowler stage III LS6 cam, Jesel roller rockers, Katech rocker covers: all professionally built by someone really good, FAST manifold and 90 mm throttle, Procharger ATI D1SC supercharger with twin intercoolers, lots and lots of re-programming based on dyno tuning. 594 HP at the rear wheels, (243 additional), 10.6 quarter mile, for total cost $35,000. (This comes in at nearly $120/HP which is expensive but the wheels and brake upgrades cost over $10K and didn't add any HP but the ability to use it well, and the engine is running a very relatively benign 4.5 lbs of boost now while it was built to take up to 9 and the Sc can provide over 10, at which it would gain another 100 HP.

2005 Boxster S (my neighbor's). Stock, measured 268 RWHP, 13.6 1.4 mile. Headers, new exhaust, chip airbox: 283 RWHP (gain of 15) for $2800, or about $200/HP. 13.3 quarter mile. There is probably a bit more there if he can play with the chip programming, if that is possible.

My 2004 Carrera Tipronic, stock, measured 289 RWHP, 13.4 1/4 mile. I'm going to leave this stock. Dones't seem worth the trouble: its a great dialy driver and I have other hobby cars.

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Default RE: Boxster Performance Mods?

That's a nice insight.

I currently drive a modified 98 Grand Prix GTP coupe. Supercharged 3.8 V6, with headers, rockers, exhaust, cold air intake, koni adjustables w/ GMPP lowering springs, F-Body aluminum dual piston caliper front brakes, police package swaybars/trailing arms, and more. (Soon to receive an intercooler, ported supercharger and lower intake, and a Northstar throttle body). So I'm used to having a LOT of torque . But while I've obviously spent a lot of money making this car handle extremely well for what it is, it's nothing like a Boxster would be. The only thing I've really disliked about this car is how big and heavy it is. My first car was a 1988 Skylark, which strange as it may sound, was a really fun car. Mine had the FE3 suspension option (the suspension they used for factory stock road racing classes), and combined with it's 2500lb curb weight, it handled like it was on rails. Revvy little 2.3L 4 cylinder only made 150hp, but it never felt slow. I still have it, but it's awaiting restoration when I have more time and money. So I've sort of been at a crossroads, as to whether I want to go back to a small car with crazy handling, or get another muscle type ride.

As you pointed out, Boxster mods are very expensive. I think I may just wait a little longer and look for a nice used 996 in a few years. If nothing else I'll be keeping an eye out for a nice Boxster at the right price in my search. I'm in no hurry, since I'm simply looking for another car to fool around with. While it would be nice to have less choice in terms of mods (make it harder for me to blow my money, lol), it might get to me after a while.

While I prefer the looks of the WS6, there is a stripped down 02 Z28 here with 39k miles.... only option it has is leather.... it's calling to me... and if it had T-Tops it would lready be in my driveway, but I dunno... lol it would make a nice race car

Oh well...

Thanks for your input guys!
Old 01-07-2015, 02:56 PM
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Default needed 2.5L boxster supercharger

If anybody has a complete 2.5L boxster supercharger kit with necessary ECU mods and instructions, please let me know. I am ready to see just how much performance I can get out of a supercharger and possible develop a my own based upon what I learn. These things are hard to find. I have only found pieces of them here and there...none complete...somebody must have a supercharger in their garage they don't use or that blew up their motor...I want it....thanks

Konrad K
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