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Here's what I did, think it hooked it up! I bought a 87 944 completely stock, garage kept for fifteen years! I was hesitant to do anything because it ran so well, but now it runs way better! In this area, e bay frickin rules. I ordered a chip through someone I had dealt with before, the dude must make em himself cause he charges like 30 dollars! I took the computer apart and installed it myself, you just need to make sure you put it in the right way, or the car wont even start, guess how I found out. Immediate response! No more red line, period, throttle response was like double, I couldn't even believe it! Next, get an air intake sensor chip, once again like about 20 bucks on e bay. MAKE SURE IT IS INSTALLED CORRECTLY! You can find specs at Now, build your own intake, if you can figure the first stuff out, you can figure this out, all I can say is, home depot! Again, you can get an aftermarket air filter on e bay for like 12 bucks! Last, flowmaster exaust, makes throttle response MUCH quicker, and it gives it that deep porsche roar we all love! This was the most expensive, 150, installed in like 15 minutes, I did no work, well worth it! The only thing left I can think of is removing the cataletic converter, a simple task, especially with the 944. One word to the wise, stay away from those electric superchargers! I was a sucker and purchased one, everyone said not to, but the same people told me not to do everything else. At best, it is a rip off! You will notice no difference, and you will actually feel silly that a piece of junk is attached to your wonderful car. So, this is my experience. I hear alot of people on here very confused about what they can do to upgrade their cars without spending a grip, well, this is how I did it. People who rode in it when I first got it and ride in it after I have done everything are overwhelmed! I do not think of these things as upgrades, simply bringing it back to how porsche built the car to begin with.....FAST!
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hey bro, can i ask you from whom did you purchase your performance upgrade chip? $30 you say? had you since been able to dyno your 87 944 n/a to find out what kind of hp gains you've achieved? i also have an 87 944 n/a. after i get short of a top end rebuild, i'd like to avoid forced induction but make more hp than the base 148hp. what shall i look out for when trying to locate an air intake sensor chip on e-bay? thanks for your help!
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Google FRwilk and contact him. He makes some pretty decent NA chips. Gains won't be huge, but driveability should be improved.

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