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Engine life expectancy...

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Default Engine life expectancy...

Ok, Now that I have publically humbled myself once on this forum, allow me to ask yet another potentially stupid question.

I have never before been in a (financial) situation to buy a Porsche, so I am trying to get better educated on what I can expect form this car. Since the engine does reach max torque and "like" to run at over 3000rpm, what is a realistic life expectancy for the Boxster engine? 100K miles? 150K? 200K??? I take good care of my vehicles and try to run them as designed.

Thanks again,

Kim Nicholas
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Default RE: Engine life expectancy...

That is always a tough question to answer, some guys can take great care of their vehicles, and have nothing but problems, other guys do the opposite and they run like a dream with no problems. I would say that for the most part, if it is well taken care of with all the service intervals done, that these motors will go 150k easy without too many major headdaches. We supercharged a 77k mile boxster that served as our prototype car for the supercharger kit, and it was pretty beat down to start with, but the car ran flawlessly, and still does. In fact, we supercharged it, 5 minutes after we had it all done, the guy drove the car back to arizona from kansas city, only stopping for gas and food along the way, and he had zero issues). If you can avoid the rear main seal issue, which is supposed to have been taken care of in the newer models, there shouldn't be many major issues. I have seen a lot of the oil fill tubes crack and spew oil down the backside of the motor, but a $40 part or so, and an hour of labor solves that (The oil fill tube is in the rear trunk, then a tube runs from that to the motor), but that has been known to be a problem. Obviously the boxster is only about 10 years old now, so i have not yet seen a lot of very high mileage cars yet.....as with any porsche, most people don't use it as a daily driver (whats wrong with you people!), and therefore don't rack up the miles you would see in an accord or neon, etc.
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Default RE: Engine life expectancy...

My Boxster is a 97 with 78000 on the clock, i drive it daily and use in all weathers.
I regulary give it some stick and to date i have no major problems with the engine (or indeed anything else).
I view the Boxster as pretty bombproof.
A superb car.
Just keep it serviced regularly and lavish a bit of TLC


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Default RE: Engine life expectancy...

That's great news from my perspective. I just bought my first Boxster (a new one) and so far have been easy on it during the break in period (under 4200 rpm). I bought and didn't lease and want to keep this car for a long time. It's bootiful.
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Default RE: Engine life expectancy...

A little TLC, a lot of effort polishing and a regular service and the car will deliver its performance in pretty much the same way as the day you took delivery.
All new engines are "run in" and do not need kid gloves driving but i too take it easy on a new car, then after 5000 miles it gets the pasting of it life, and most days after that.
There are a few little ****les with the boxster, the plastic rear screen for a start but you wont have this problem as yours has the glass screen.
Apart from a few rattles when on uneven ground the car is superb, a joy to drive.
I used to be a mechanic and am impressed by the attention to detail Porsche take even on the most mundane parts.

Enjoy the car and hope to see more of your comments in this forum, which appears a little dead, lots of hits on the site but very few people comment, i think we need to develop this site.


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