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Cayman vs. Cayman S

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Default Cayman vs. Cayman S

Hi All,

Got an email from my father in the midwest today asking me what I think about the Cayman. Apparently he's decided that his small burg in the midwest needs a little bit of German perfection. Can't say I blame him. He's found quite a few 1-2 year old ones with low miles that piqued his interest.

I had to ask him, "Cayman, or Cayman S?" He said the non-S version. His comment, "besides more horsepower, what does the S provide that the standard doesn't?" Checking through the basic options, it doesn't really appear a whole lot different (except for 6-speed, power seat, etc.)

So my question for all of you - for standard day-to-day enjoyment and not railing around on a track, would you notice the roughly 50hp/50tq difference significantly, or are there significant benefits to the S that I don't understand that I can take from here and help educate him with?

Any and all feedback appreciated here. Thanks in advance for taking the time.
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Default RE: Cayman vs. Cayman S

I think the extra bhp/torque and the S brakes are worth having, personally if its a Cayman you want. I would suggest your dad try a 911 Carrera 2 before he makes the decison though!
Regards big Bob
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Default RE: Cayman vs. Cayman S

Hi Bob,

Thanks for the response! I have also suggested he look at lightly used 911s. I took another recommendation from a friend who has owned/followed Porsches and he suggested that the 993 be given some serious consideration as well. What are your thoughts on that, as well as what the best resources are outside of regional Porsche of America clubs might be to seek out for research and availability?

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Default RE: Cayman vs. Cayman S

Dear Jon
Get your Dad to look at this Official US Used Porsche website:
The advantage of buying this way, while it will cost more is you get a fully supported warranty, which I think is worth having while you are getting to understand what it is to own a Porsche.
The 993 is the last of the Air Cooled Porsche, which the traditionalists say is the CAR.
993s are holding their prices as a consequence.
My view is that I also take into consideration age, and I would prefer to go for the later cars because of this. But thats me.
996's are plentiful and reasonably priced, but so are the older latest 997s.
Have a look at the website and see whats there is your approximate location
Regards Big Bob
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Default RE: Cayman vs. Cayman S

Excellent. Thank you very much for the information and time, Bob!
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Default RE: Cayman vs. Cayman S

i would prefer cayman dont need the additional hp
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Default RE: Cayman vs. Cayman S

The Cayman is a great, fun daily driver. The S series is faster and has better brakes, but Porsche's base model is still a seriously glorious car for the enthusiast. It's a choice he couldn't regret. Although an S can be had at a ridiculous price now.......
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Default RE: Cayman vs. Cayman S

If you father is even asking the question then the answer probably is: the Cayman, not the S. In daily use the Cayman will be every bit as satisfying as the Cayman S.
There is always a faster car. Cayman and Cayman S are basically the same car as you well know. There is pleasure, for some people a lot of it, in knowing you have the best model, the most of whatever is available: they buy the Cayman S. But in reality, it does not stop there. As long as you want to spend more money, you can always get more of whatever you want: power, roadholding, styling, features, allincrementally a bit at a time. Som, why not a standard Carrera 2 rather than a Cayman S? Even more power, even more features, for more money. And why not a Carrera S instead of a Carrera? Even more HP and features. And then there is the GT3, etc. It never ends (get to the top of the Porsche line and you can switch sideways and bit upward to the "entry level" product of any number of exotic brands).

Particularly if buying used, I'd go with spending what I had on a Cayman in the best condition I could find rather than on an S with a bit more miles, etc.

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Default RE: Cayman vs. Cayman S

Well I own a 2.7 liter and simply love it .I drove the 2.7 and the 3.4 before making my decision and back in late 2006 the Caymans were selling for premium prices .not so much today though so if there is a used S model with decent miles and condition its actually a better deal if the power is a big deal. the other thing to consider is the resale value on a S model is considerably higher . 50 more ponies ,White Guages ,Bigger brakes,and 6 speed transmission for 6K is not too bad in my opinion.I have spent about 12K on my 2.7 in mods and it Dynos at 256 at the rear wheels .A stock 3.4 literon the same Dyno the Same day dynoe'd at 247 at the rear wheels so you can always get more HP on the 2.7 later if you really want it.The cost of upgrading JUST the HP cost me $4,500 so I actually could have bought a stock S Model but I have no regrets .My car sounds much better then a stock S model and with it De-Badged Lowered with 19" wheels one would never know its a 2.7 liter.The stock looking Cayman just did not get me so excited so I would rather have the Extra $$ and customize a 2.7 .The only thing you will encounter is people asking if its an S model and in the Porsche world its a big chip on the shoulder to have the S . This is my first porsche so I really dont care about the Status of the S symbol. I am still Ghetto ..
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Default RE: Cayman vs. Cayman S

I own a Boxster S, not cayman, but personally, I am glad that I got the S, I like the extra power and kick. May be I am hungry for the power. when I test the base model Cayman or Boxster, I just feel it is somewhat under power for a sport car, especially for a Prosche. I wish I can afford a 911 S model someday, that will be my dream driving machine. But no matter what, I am happy as a Prosche owner.

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