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New Cayman

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Default New Cayman

What's everyone's thoughts on the new Cayman?
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Default RE: New Cayman

I like it and I am sure it will be HOt on the market

here is a little article on it Porsche Cayman
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Default RE: New Cayman

I put the down payment for the cayman s, i was sure about it when i ordered but i'm not sure now.
I think i might chicken out and get a 911, because i don't know whether all this hype is for nothing
and when they release the basic cayman (which could be as early as 2007) would that de-value the cayman s?
The standard cayman might just be seen as a hardtop boxter which is worth even less......
I don't know i might just be getting paranoid with anticipation.
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Default RE: New Cayman

It doesnt matter what model you buy new, the first owner eats a huge amount in depreciation in the first year. Best thing to do is buy a used low mileage car....as in under 5k miles, and you will save huge. We are building a 1000hp motor for a customer with a 2004 GT2, which new ran about $165-170k. He bought it used with 4500 miles on it for $107k, and it is absolutely gorgeous.
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Default RE: New Cayman

ORIGINAL: kevfran

What's everyone's thoughts on the new Cayman?
I think it's a great looking Porsche and according to what I have seen in the press, it goes as well as it looks!!!

When are they gonna make a replacement for the 968 or 928 though? (Don't say that the Panamera is the replacement, it's got 4 doors for a start!)[sm=chattypair.gif]
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Default RE: New Cayman

I really like the car. I thought they were already for sale but I guess I'm wrong there. The only thing that gets me is the rear of the car. I keep looking at it and one minute I'll like it and the next I won't. All the other aspects of the car look great though. It also seems like it should have more HP, is there a more powerful version than the S? Still a good looking car and hopefully it sells well too. I think if I had enough money to buy one I'd rather have a 911 Turbo model.
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Default RE: New Cayman

My only problem with the Cayman is the marketing B.S. They purposely made the Cayman slower than the 911 to protect sales of 911. That is just BS to me.

I have a 02 911 Turbo, and I would buy the Cayman now if it had 450hp - I actually think the mid-mounted engine makes the car better than the 911. But there is no substitute for brute force - and the Cayman don't have it. If they come out with a 3.8TT in it. I'm buying ...

Unless they spin the engine/gearbox around in the 911 and make that a mid-mounted! Lose the back seat and add a trunk like the Cayman. Now you're talking ...

That's my 2c worth...

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Default RE: New Cayman

I currently have a 2005 997 S Cabriolet. I am selling it next month. Today I ordered my Cayman S. Once I get done with my engine and exhaust tweeks, this car being a Mid-engine hard top is going to drive like an old Porsche 904. It is gonna ROCK. Just talk to all the Porsche car salemen that you know. Most of them have already driven the Cayman S. Hey, the fact that it beat the 911 on the track should tell you something. The suspension in this car has been reworked and only a GT3/GT2 or Carerra GT will handle the same. Maybe a 911 TT with its 4-wheel capability would match. But if you beef up the engine and intake/exhaust with a EMC Chip you will be set. This car has some really nice curves too. My friends that drove it on the track told me the sound is the best sounding Porsche that you can buy. Go ahead and do some more research before you knock this car and think it is just another Boxster. It is far from it.
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Default RE: New Cayman

I love the new Cayman though I will likely wait until it's two years old and pick up a low mileage one. Let someone else eat the initial depreciation.


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Default RE: New Cayman

Please see new Cayman thread and post about positioning in the market if you want to read more about the Cayman.

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