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928 owners

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Default 928 owners

Attention 928 owners!!!

I went into the city this morning to auto zone to buy some polish for my 928. while siting at the red light at wal-mart a new mustang with the sticker still on the window pulled along side. The driver was a younger guy with what appered to be a salesperson in the passenger seat. The mustang started reving his motor and the salesman laughed. When the light turned green, i lit the tires and the race was on. we were even until 3rd gear and then it was all over but the crying. at the next red light, same thing happened again except this time, the only time i saw the stang was in my mirror. Sorry ford owners, if ya cant keep bring something worth out time, just stay on the side lines and watch.

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Default RE: 928 owners

awesome kill story! way to put that thing in its place!!
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Default RE: 928 owners

ORIGINAL: masterdiver

it was all over but the crying masterdiver

I love it!!!
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i actually have a member of another forum who owns a 928 who was talking about killing a mustang recently!
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Must have been a 6 cylinder. A 928GTS only runs a mid to high 14 in the quarter. A stock 05 GT is a mid 13 car. 928's are slow fat pigs i hate to say.
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Slow? Haha.

Is your 928 modded, though? I can't see a stock one beating a new Mustang GT.
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Maybe it was modified. There was one in Hot Rod magazine within the last year, the owner claimed that he had bored and stroked the original 928 engine to 6.5 liters (396 cu in). Seemed hard to believe, but that would do it.
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Did the article say how much HP that 6.5L 928 had? Just out of curiousity I'm wondering what the gas mileage was on that.... lol.
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I don't remember much about it, except that he had two of the cars, both modified, one with a blower. They looked pretty bling actually, almost ricers with a lot of chrome and scoops and if memory is right, one had a hole in the hood with a SC sticking up. But I do recall they were pretty fast, for 928s: 12s in the 1/4, something like that. I don't think fuel economy was important to him, though.
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Default RE: 928 owners

Lee, I've noticed the term "ricers" in quite a few posts. This term is not used in the U.K. and I was wondering exactly what it means and where it came from?

I presume that a ricer is a modified Japanese car?

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