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What do older sports car drivers have against younger sports car drivers

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What do older sports car drivers have against younger sports car drivers

Old 06-19-2009, 06:27 PM
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Default What do older sports car drivers have against younger sports car drivers

I am 23 and I recently started driving a Porsche, I have noticed that older men (especially in there 50's) give me dirty looks and shake their head when they see me driving along. I admit it kind of ticked me off at first, but now I just smile. This one guy in particular was in a new Merc. AMG convertible and drove past staring me down and shaking his head, so I pulled up beside him, closed my eyes, held my head up high, and gave him a BIG S*&t eating grin, and then burnt him off the line........has anyone had similar experinces????

In reality, I understand why, but why waste life being so petty?
Old 06-20-2009, 01:03 PM
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Just what type of Porsche were you in that "burned" an AMG off the line, at least if it was trying? Given the torque recent AMG models have they do pretty well off the line. Certainly a recent Turbo or such can take most of them (not all, though) enough that Id' say they could burn them, but even a new Carrera S will only win, not do well enough to win in a walk.

Second, you haven't described the car you drive, but in my experience many older drivers like me, react more to the car than the driver: does your car have an oversize wing, slotted aero dams and skirts, 20 inch chrome wheels (please God, not on a Porsche!): maybe it was a reaction to your car, not you.

Personally, I don't have anything against young drivers of Porsches or anything else. However, while there are very rare exceptions, when I see a 23 year old driving something that can burn an newer AMG, like a Porsche Turbo, I'm pretty certain that he didn't earn it. Or if he's driving something he bought, he went deeply into debt for it ("Really, the payments are only $1195 a month, I can handle it, sort of.") and either way that means he loses a lot of respect from me, for I've seen what too much of Daddy's money at a young adult age does to people when they get to middle age, and how stupid it is to throw money away on car payments just to drive something that's new and fancy today. On the other hand a young guy down the street as a three year old Boxster S he earned himself. I like hima lot.
Then, too, many younger drivers do tend to drive rather aggressively at times (all that testosterone, I suppose) which someone older, like me, sees as just stupid, and worthy or no respect. They also tend to tell exaggerated tall tales about doing 185 mph on the Interstate late at night or of burning such and such exotic cars in an epic race off the line, etc.

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Old 06-21-2009, 12:05 PM
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ok, probably worded that wrong, he wasn't trying to race, he was just acting like an *** and flicked me off and stuff like that (for no reason) so i just smiled real big at him and layed 11's off the line (we were in the middle of nowhere with no other cars). The car, a 2007 997 Carrera S, was originally bought by my father new, after owning it for about 6 months he tragically died and the car was willed to me. It was fully paid for, but i still could not afford that or the taxes, insurance, and maintnace costs at the time so I put it up for sale. Low and behold about a week later I got a full time job and set aside enough money to cover the expenses.....but it is pretty hard. Im sure i haven't "earned" the car the way other people have, but i really don't care. No one can take away what it means to me and the feeling i get driving it. My father was a big Porsche man and it means a lot to me to be able to carry that on in a way, hopefuly i can continue to afford the car (I only drive it once or twice a week because of this)

If he was racing though, i would have fried the AMG though ;-) lol
Old 06-21-2009, 12:16 PM
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My father would also take me to track days as a kid and taught me how do dive on the track as soon as I had my license. I agree with you 100% about driving fast on public roads. Even though it can be hard, I do make a point not to speed or drive recklessly on the road. Many high school kids want to race me off the line in their Honda's and what not, but i don't give them the satisfaction. I know of too many people who have died young being involved in such hyjinx that I know to stay out of it. Not to mention that so many drivers on the road are so horrible, im usually to worried about someone hitting me..........a Chevy Tahoe ran me off the road last week merging on the interstate without looking..........ughhhhhh........
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