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Can you turbo a 87 924S?

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Default Can you turbo a 87 924S?

just wondering if its possible to turbo a 924S (1987)

doesnt have to be porsche turbo just wondering if you had any ideas like best turbo to use i.e..what size

ANY info you guys have would bew awsome
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Default RE: Can you turbo a 87 924S?


Although im no porsche expert, i am pretty knowledgable of cars. The 924 s is merely a 944 engine in a 924 body, and that there is a is a 944 Turbo, logic would deduce that turboing a 924s is a vaiable option. Because of the light weight of the 9X4's, ure car will fly if u put one of those bad boys on. I beleive the turbo u would want is the k16 turbo thats on the 924 turbo. I would not suggest the greddy turbo kit for the 924, it tends to crack a lot.

good luck.

and if u are spending the money for the turbo, u might as well save up a little bit more, and get a new flywheel, clutch, downpipe, exhaust, and intercooler. if you want a FAST 0-60 time, your best bet would be to super light your car as well.


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Default RE: Can you turbo a 87 924S?

yes you can turbo the car... But it is not cheap or easy. First you need to think about fuel delivery. You can go stand alone or get a 951 dme and klr. Then you need the crossover pipe, Downpipe and header. Turbo motor mount to feed oil to the charger and gives you a mounting point. The stock turbo is a K26. Then find a turbo intake and intercooler (I have all of these parts minus the turbo itself if you need them) Now with this setup and a manual boost controller you are good for about 5 maybe 6 psi. If you want to get 951 power out of this then you need to get 951 pistons(forged where yours are cast) Turbo head. The turbo will produce way too much heat for the stock valves. New rods.. Forged not cast.

The stock trans will work but you will be replacing it within a year with a turbo trans. Then look into suspension and brakes from a turbo. You can get by without it but with the additional power comes the need to control and stop it. Oh and you will need larger fuel injectors also. Before you even think about this remeber that you will want to replace the bearings while you are in there.

If you source the parts at good prices then you can get away for about 3k, Oh and you will need a turbo clutch kit so there is another $800. The NA clutch won't hold.

How do I know.. I got 75% through the conversion when my wife said stop spending money or start finding a lawyer. So now I have an 87 924s with a full gt-racing widebody kit. 951 suspension and brakes, Stage V header panel and a freshly rebuilt NA engine. [&o]
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Default RE: Can you turbo a 87 924S?

An idea of all the things you would need, include, but i know i am forgetting alot:
All new coolant hoses for 951 turbo setup
Turbo coolant tank (there is an extra nipple on it)
Turbo Cooling pump
Turbo motor mount with oil return line
Oil feed line with o rings
Oil air seperator with line to engine
Crossover pipes
Turbo Head, pistons, rods
Rod bearings (Since you will be in there)
Main bearings (Since you will be in there)
Exhaust from downpipe all the way back
Wastegate dump tube
All exhaust gaskets and hardware
951 DME and KLR
951 injectors
951 clutch, pressure plate, throwout bearing, etc
951 tranny eventually
Turbo water pump
I believe you need a 951 radiator as well
Not sure if the O2 sensor is the same
Intake manifold
Throttle body
Intercooler piping
Manual boost controller and various vacuum lines
Boost gauge
Drilling the block and pan for associated oil lines for turbo.
951 maf and J boot.
Heat shields (one of which also serves as a mounting bracket for the intake)

I be very interested to see someone do it for only 3k (including doing the internals of the engine since you would be in there anyways). I guess if money isn't an object, go for it.

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Default RE: Can you turbo a 87 924S?

Good list but you don't have to drill the pan or the block. The Block is the same as is the pan. There is a bolt in the pan where the oil return line goes and there is a plug in the balance shaft cover that you can unsrew.

BTW I had every part to convert and I spent 3k on them. (no turbo waterpump needed) I had a garrett to drop in. The only thing I lacked was the tranny, Which you can get by with for a while. Unless you like dumping the clutch. And the clutch kit which I listed seperately above. and the 3k included the pistons and rods. If you have time and keep an eye on all the boards it can be done. I only canned my project because the wife found out how much cash I was dumping into it. Oh and keep in mind the above price would be otherwise stock. The Huntley MAF was $600 more with hard pipes ARC2 and BOV so 3k +$800 + $600 Is what I would have had in the conversion.
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Default RE: Can you turbo a 87 924S?

How can you get away with not using a turbo waterpump (the main waterpump), it has an extra output (and second thermostat) that needs to be used. I can see the debate about not using a turbo auxillary cooling pump if let it idle for awhile before shutting the car off.
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Default RE: Can you turbo a 87 924S?

Sorry, I was talking about the turbo auxillary cooling pump. Since the garrett turbo I was going to use was oil cooled only.

BTW you can get away with 5-6 psi of boost on the NA engine. The all you need is a small turbo, all the plumbing and a way to control fuel. Some people use a 5th injector and have it engage under boost. This won't yield a ton of HP but it will add a little power. And both of these ideas require work.. Nothing worth doing is ever easy.
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Default RE: Can you turbo a 87 924S?

Hell 5-6psi on an NA motor is perfect for a supercharger kit, and you dont have to change any internals. We run about 5psi on our 996 supercharger kits, and the boxster kit that is almost completed is running the same. I think SFR is making a supercharger kit for the NA's now.
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