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Fuel Economy

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Default Fuel Economy

Hello! For all 928 owners, please help me with something here.

I am close in getting a 928 but friends and family tells me that is not worth getting a 928 because is a V8 engine and it will swallow gas like crazy and parts are highly expensive. They got that idea because I have a 2005 Dodge Durango and naturally is a V8 engine and I spend a lot of money in fuel for that SUV. My theory is that the Porsche is a light car compared to the Durango and it wont spend as much gas compared to the Durango. They say that is not true so I want to hear it from the 928 owners how is the fuel economy of the 928???

Does it really swallow a lot of gas?
Can I use it for daily basis or only as a weekend car?
Is it true that if I install a supercharger will increase fuel economy?
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Default RE: Fuel Economy

Does it really swallow a lot of gas? More so than my 912, 914 or 931... but its a very good engine my old 928S would get about 18 mpg on the highway

Can I use it for daily basis or only as a weekend car? If you are not going to far, yea use it daily drive it, have fun with it!

Is it true that if I install a supercharger will increase fuel economy? YES, you are sucking in more fuel, and unless you want a speed thing, I wouldn't do it. If you do go with 928 Motorsports for the parts.

And parts of the 928 can be a bit on the high side, but Mark over at 928 International can get what you need for it.

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Default RE: Fuel Economy

15 mpg is average.

Supercharger will not increase fuel economy. If anything it will reduce it. Also, at 5000 - 10000 just for the equipment, well, that's a lot of gas, even if it did increase the fuel economy.

"Although roots superchargers have significant parasitic load and do dramatically decrease fuel economy, centrifugal superchargers will yield approximately the same fuel economy as normally aspirated engines, under normal throttle conditions. When racing, however, fuel enconomy will decrease given the supercharged engine's ability to consume additional fuel and produce additional horsepower." - http://www.procharger.com/faq.shtml#7
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Default RE: Fuel Economy

I have an 83 and on the highway I have seen my MPG upwards of 24-28. I was very surprised by this on a trip from Maine to DC and back. I have a Dakota and that sucks gas. I do not drive either hard but the 928 gets much better return for my money. the parts for the car are really no more expensive. I have had more problems with my 2002 Dakota Quad 4X4 than I have had with my 928. I have spent more money on the truck over the past 5 years by far on the truck, sad really. American car companies have 1 big problem....15000 parts all made by the lowest bidder!

Good luck
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Default RE: Fuel Economy

My 32v gets about 17.5-22 mpg. I run premium normally. When we had the gas crunch, premium was difficult to find, so I ran mid-grade. Car ran fine, but I saw a drop of about 2 mpg. My driving style is somewhere between maniac and old lady.

If you find a well sorted 928, they are just as reliable as newer cars - just make sure the maintenance is up to date. I drive mine every day and sometimes on out of town trips. Parts can be expensive/a little hard to find. But, they are typically parts that when you change them once, they are good for another 20 or so yrs. Remember, the newest 928 is 14 yrs old.

A supercharger will not increase fuel economy. In fact, you will probably see a sharp decrease, as your driving style will change dramatically. [sm=badbadbad.gif]
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