Porsche 944 The Porsche 944 and 944 Turbo was a huge success for Porsche throughout the 1980s.

944 Turbo HP Questions/Answers

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Default How can i add hp to a 1988 Porsche 944 non-turbo?

I am not looking to make it a drag racer, I just want to know some ways to add 15-30 hp total.
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There is a guy known as Joe from in in in german dismantlers who statements he has been developing and rushing 944s for 25 plus decades and described to me that the 89 944 turbocompresseur s already has a processer mod and to keep the cat because you do not see a growth of hp until after 6000rpm and it is not a significant improve. Does Joe take a position any ground? I don't want to get your a while to energy and money
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You are looking at what could be an impossible mountain to climb. The 944 is a great car, but it is not one where you will find much in the way of easy hp that's been left on the table... so while there are a few out there to be had, more than that will start the problem of what you want to trade off to get that power (and that will be trading either lots of reliability or lots of money, or both).

You will find some easy bolt-on upgrades out there that will claim 15-30hp gains... but the reality is that you will only see those kind of peak gains under the right circumstances with the right testing methodology, and neither of those are really relevant to the real world (or what you would get in a test with methodolgy aimed at actually measuring improvements).

Different ECU programming would probably net you a gain of 3-4hp... though more importantly it would better optimize your fuel maps and improve the power curve. A more open exhaust might get another 1 or 2. And that is roughly the sum of what can be done inexpensively (though do be aware with both of these you need to seek out known quality solutions... simply swapping with some after market item of unknown origin is just as likely to result in a loss rather than a gain).

Next you start to move up the money ladder quite a bit, which would be headers along with a new exhaust, ECU programming aimed at these specific changes... with this setup too you might actually net a hp or so with a more open intake. All of this combined might even get you close to that 15hp... but will be at a price point that will make it questionable.

After that is the big money solutions that start with a full rebuild of the engine (internals, new cams, etc). Like the last items, these are in an area where you have quickly moved beyond the value of the car... such that you'd acheive more performance by selling the 944 and taking that money and the money you intended to use to get more power and buy a 951 (944 Turbo).

Alternately you could just add a Turbo or such, and run whatever boost you like until it blows up the engine... or run it at such a low level of boost that the main performance gains will be from what you've achieved in lightening your wallet.

5-10hp is workable... maybe a few more. Beyond that you will be better served in terms of initial cost, on going value, and reliability to simply move to a different car. The 944 is a great car with many impressive strengths, but power is not and never will be one of them.
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Relatively cheap, quick car?
Note: Please, i do not want this to turn into a tuner / muscle war as so many of these car discussions do, make this unbiased and objective please.

hey, I am thinking of getting a cheap car($3,000 - $6,000) that is also quick, but not necessarily fast(for i know i am not finding something truly fast within that price range). I am looking for something with a displacement of over 2.7 liters(sorry honda's) for i know not many cars have a power to displacement ratio of over 100hp/liter even if tuned, so 1.8 integra's are out of the question. No v8's because of fuel, i was looking for a big I4, I6, or V6. The best i have found so far is a 1989 Porsche 944 turbo for $5,000 that makes 200 something hp stock. Just looking for a quick, fun, cheap daily driver. please do not say a civic, yes they are fun but are very slow even tuned( i have driven them).

Please, take this as a challenge to find something. I am not terribly worried about reliability, i fix things, but it is a small factor. A manual would be preferred , but not necessary.
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I put a Broadfoot Racing T3T4/K26 hybrid turbo on my car with a 3 inch exhaust, Lindsey Racing's chips, boost enhancer and 3 bar fuel pressure regulator and I had basically zero lag and it felt like I put a corvette engine in the car. The turbo is not water cooled, so you can remove all the extra hoses and the cross bar. It cost under $700, which makes it a great turbo for the money. The #6 hot side is machined to take a bigger turbine wheel. That turbo is much better than using a K27 hybrid. Also get a real boost gauge, just tap into the line going to the KLR.
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My 951 has a magna flow exhaust, its chipped, it has a cool K and N filter cone, I'm not sure of the Horse power rating, but I reckon its around 220 bhp.
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