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CGT Experience

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Default CGT Experience

I was browsing the posts in this section and thought i'd share my GT experience with you guys. My uncle had a Carrera GT for about 2 years.. he just recently got rid of it. I know everyone on this site will hate me, but yes, i have driven it. The first time i saw it, my uncle had just bought it. As the garage door opened to shine on its beauty, i tried to keep from drooling. The car is flipping gorgeous in person, every detail is crafted to perfection. I went around to the passenger side to get in, popped the door handle, and struggled to get in the seat. The GT is so low, that you have to plant your butt in the seat and then swing your legs over the sill like some sort of gymnastics move. My uncle got in the drivers seat and fired up the massive V-10. I think it's safe to say that the engine makes the most beautiful sound in the world. One blip of the throttle and you'd swear you're sitting in an F1 car. Its raw, and untamed. As we headed out onto the main road, i didn't even think to grip the door handle. After a long rev, my uncle launched the car down the road. I can't really compare the acceleration to anything on the earth. It's like being strapped to a missle. As my senses tried to cope with the blurring scenery, we flew around a corner at what had to be approaching 90 miles an hour. My instinct caused my body to curl up in the seat, as i thought no car could take any corner at that speed. The drive went on with every upshift warranting a howl out of the twin tailpipes. We were on some abandoned stretch of backroad when the car stopped. My uncle revved the engine again, and told me to hold on. "Oh crap" i thought. I gripped the door handle as the car blasted forward with no care for the laws of gravity. As the speedometer went into triple digits, the acceleration just kept on coming. I was pinned into my seat the entire time. As we headed back, i realized i would never forget that day. When i got out of the GT, my legs were shaking. I wasn't suprised, as the car had just scared the living daylights out of me.

My second encounter with the GT started out a bit differently. I ended up being a passenger again, except this time the GT was going up an infamous back road known as highway 9. Every single head on the mountain was turned in the direction of the GT. It was amazing, with the V-10 singing at an F1 like howl. At the top of the mountain, my uncle turned into a small parking lot. Every person there was gathered around the GT, people were taking pictures on thier camera phones and asking questions non stop. When my uncle asked me if i wanted to drive it, i almost choked over what to say. I sputtered out an response and walked around to get into the drivers seat. I dropped into the bucket seat and shut the door. The engine was still running, and i gave the throttle a few blips to please the crowd. After he instructed me in releasing the handbrake and reversing, i remembered all i read on how hard the clutch was to master. I was determined not to stall in front of all those people. I slid the wooden shift **** into first ( the placement actually isn't as high as it looks) and released the clutch as if my life depended on it. The car rolled away smoothly, and i checked for traffic coming the other way. Satisfied, I slid the clutch out and gently pressed on the big accelerator. The car drove nicely, but I had to partially lock my gaze on the revs, as the engine was so rev-happy. The car felt a little large when going around corners, but all of that was irrelevant when i cracked the throttle for a straightaway. The car responded instantly, surging forward with mind blowing fury. I had just went from 40-90 in the blink of an eye. With a dumbfounded look on my face, i pressed on, carefully blipping the throttle for the downshifts. The car's cornering capacity is unapproachable unless you own a racetrack. It feels like you have an unlimited amount of grip. I let her loose one more time as we got on a freeway, rewarded from that thunderous wail and a unsurpassed surge of speed. When i parked the car, my heart had to be shooting out of my chest. I will never forget that car, and the experience it gave me.

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Default RE: CGT Experience

The CGT ia the fastest completely stock car I have ever seen at the track or run against. But if you ever get the chance try to drive something with modified modern american iron try it -- it will truly blow your mind. There is a lot of stuff out on the street now that will do in the low 10s (the difference between low tens and low elevens is about 9 lengths) such as my vette, or idown n the nines, and some extreme stuff (doesn't drive easy, but is licensed and cruising) inthe high eights -- riding in one of those is frightening if you have never done it. I've run only once at the track, against a CGT with a very skilled driver. As one would expect it blew off the line and and put a good 4 lengths on my vette on its way to an 11.2 at 137ish, but the vette finished almost a secoind ahead at the end. (And by the way, the vette gets beat routinely, probably once ever evening at the track, by other less civilized more extreme street cars).
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Your experience with this car is fabulous and have gain your passion in this context.You are lucky enough to have car like this
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