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expensive boxster or cheap 911?

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Default expensive boxster or cheap 911?

There was a post on another forum about the marketing positioning of the new Cayman S. In it, opinions were expressed about the Cayman S regarding its positioning in the Porsche market. There were widespread differences of point of view.

The thing about the Cayman S that is odd:
It is practically as heavy as a Boxster but as a coupe it should probably have been 200 pds lighter than the Boxster.
It is more expensive than the ragtop, which is also upside down with normal market conditions.

So is the Cayman S an inexpensive 911? Some would argue that.
Or is the Cayman a very expensive Boxster coupe? May be true as well.

Cayman S please identify yourself!

Porsche would like to have us believe it is neither, opting for marketing to the perceived feeling that the Cayman S is its own thing. I think they may have had to do this because they had fallen into a trap. They followed their vision and built a new car, a great new car with incredible styling, something to love, that's why they couldn't avoid not building it - they had too. This could have been the new 911, but it would have been heresy to move the engine to the middle in a 911. The Cayman S dillema became price level and market position to avoid losing too many sales from their other models, notably the 911. What price level would it fall into? They positioned it between Boxster and 911 out of compromise I believe. When you do a comparison on their own website www.porsche.com you will see that the Cayman S compares favorably with their flagship 911 when price is factored in, not to mention handling and especially styling. So it should really be priced higher than 58k base. On the other hand it is essentially a coupe Boxster and it should be priced at less than the convertible. But if they had done that you would have been able to buy a car that rivals the 911 for half the 911 price, that would not have worked... So they went for the middle ground.

That is my take on their marketing dilemma and how they "solved" it.

I think Cayman S is going to be great seller for Porsche, their 911's will sell less and become even more of an upper level car. Porsche also showed their hand. Their product is marked up to the hilt. The Cayman S shows they can do it for less. How much of their product is metal and how much of it is image? The reason Porsche is so profitable is that they mostly sell image. Then again, what price can one put on pure fun and the smile factor in our short lives? Priceless!

Meanwhile I am totally in love with the styling of the Cayman S. I first steered a Porsche 911 in 1967 on my father's lap, he was accelerating while I steered a double corner in Zandvoort, Holland close to the F1 track. That feeling has never left me. Now that I am almost in a position to follow in his footsteps, buy a Porsche, have a son, the styling of the Cayman S is more compelling to me than the 911. The 911 looks aged to me in comprison to the Cayman S. (Can't I just call it the "new 911")? The outside is so sensual it gives me goosebumps, the inside is reminiscent of the simplicity of the older 911's but with modern amenities. Clean, pure and muscular lines. I want it bad. Forget the 911, I love the Cayman - can't help myself. Soup it up with a chip and some minor mods and you'll have a serious 911 beater both in performance and style by a mile. I'll wait for the '06 or '07 for my 50th B day though and get an older Boxster S in the mean time, because the Boxster S seems to be a much better deal in comparison.

What was Porsche thinking?

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Default RE: expensive boxster or cheap 911?

They are thinking exactly what they were thinking when they released the 944, which was extremely successful in the mid 80's when Porsche was struggling. Buy a boxster if you want a slow car
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Default RE: expensive boxster or cheap 911?

I have a close friend in Germany who just installed an ECU chip into a brand new Cayman S with a RUF intake and exhaust system. The added HP was 37 and the torque was 32 lb-ft. This car now has more power and handling capability than a 997 coupe. With some additional weight reduction with new wheels, this car will be awesome.
As far as the pricing concerns, the engine and suspension has improvements that the Boxster S does not possess, (very expensive engine parts that increase the price). Also the interior materials are a bit improved over the Boxster S. Hence the reason for the higher price tag. It is obvious that this car could ultilize a 997 S engine and then only a GT2/GT3/ & 911 Turbo would spank it. Porsche has been very smart in the planning of this car. This car is not a mistake that just seemed to work out between the Boxster S & the 911. Hey I too use to sit on my Dad's lap and steer a 356 and then a 911 when I was a young kid. I got the bug bite early just as you did. Why not, Porsches are unique and in a catagory all by themselves. Drive all the models, they are all rewarding and motivating to the point it would be awesome if we could all own one of each model. Hey I hate to be selling my 911S Cab, but the fun to be had by this Cayman S will be worth the loss of a very fast convertible. One of my best Porsches ever was the 993 RS America. The sound and the challenge of driving was a life-changing experience both on a track and on the street. This Cayman S will be even better. Hence the reason to sell the more expensive car for better performance and fun.
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Default RE: expensive boxster or cheap 911?

Test drove the car twice and it was stunning both times. Sold the Boxster and optioned out a new Cayman S at $82K with the "Have to have options". But are the suspension improvements and 30 more horses worth $10K more than the Boxster S? Then what happens to my residual value when the Boxster S inherits the Cayman suspension and the stripped down Cayman Club Sport comes out? And you know it will. Inventories of the Cayman are building at the dealerships and they are not selling like the Boxster at its launch. Car is been out for 2 months and dealers are discounting $2k and more. If the Cayman's sales continue this way, I'm sure the discounts will be deeper by spring. I think the market is thinking the same thing I'm thinking. I have to believe that pricing of the Cayman was a arbitrary price point to fit Porsche's line up. Just don't want to pay $82K car for a car that will sell for $75K in 6 months. Maybe I'll wait a bit and see what the fall out is.
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Default RE: expensive boxster or cheap 911?

I think that sales are dependent on where you are at. I know that sticker on some of the Caymen S in MASS are 55-65K.

I talked to the dealership guys and kind of got a clue as to Porsche change.

in the 80 (I still have the sticker for my 951) a 944T with the options could be bought for about 37-47K. Guy that was a lot of 1987. However, that is because of the time it took to build the car. Porsche still hand built all their cars. It took 55+ factory hours to put together a 944 at the factory. That is Big money

Now like all competive companies Porsche has went to the pre-assembly line parts group. That has save valuable time in the factory. As well as alot of your parts Porsche are Audi, SAAB, and VW, KONI, ect. Porsche has invested in those companies and is part owner in Audi, SAAB and VW. That means that they for the most part have kind of CO. Opt'd. That has saved them money! They intern to remain competive pass that on to the consumer.

If you really are intrested in a Caymen S

Try these guys
Fathers & Sons Collections
989 Memorial Avenue
West Sprinfield, MA 01089

NO I am not a salesman nor do I work for them, but I have always had a good relationship with them and found them to be very professional to work with!
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Default RE: expensive boxster or cheap 911?

I believe the Cayman is an excellent move for Porsche and has a very special niche of its own. As I have often said, I do not view the 911 as a pure sports car, but as an excellent GT - it has a back seat, etc. and I have simply never thought of it in the same niche as the pure two-seaters. I really hope that Porsche lets the 911 evolve in its own direction, keeping it pretty much the way my 996 is as it goes into the future: frankly I get nervous when I hear people saying they want the 911 to be more "involving" - I like it just the way it is now. More involving? Get a Cayman.
I view the Boxter and the Cayman as convertible/coupe versions of the same car, whatever Porsche says, and I think the nearest direct competitor they compete against is the Corvette (which also comes in convertible and coupe versions, which differ substantial in the rear styling/roofline. None of those has a back seat, and none of them, in my opinion, compete against the 911: when I bought my 911 I did not even think about those, and when I bought my vette, while I did look at a Boxster, I never considered the 911.
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