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Stuck 911 vs Cayman S

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Default Stuck 911 vs Cayman S

Hi, I am new to this forum and Porsche in general...sports coupes as well.
I am used to German sedans and sporty sedans more or less.
My current car is in need of replacement and I want a fun sports car to drive everyday, for about 70km a day.
I sit in at least one hour of traffic per day, and face stop lights on inclines daily...however, I think its stupid to by a porsche in automatic, but you guys know better.
My main predicament, is that I am stuck between the Cayman S and the 911 or the 911 4?
what do you guys prefer, as of know I found a Porsche Design edition 1 Cayman S-is it that different??-, and both the 911 and 911 4....all brand new 2008 with manual transmissions.
I must be able to drive all year round...through Montreal winters.
I am also looking for a good deal price-wise...but these are pretty hard to find with Porsche...Thats the feeling I get...so is it worth waiting until the 2009 cayman s?
Does it make sense to spend 10gs more to buy a 2009 911...i think so, right?
and is PDK, a good option.
me...the interior of these cars is very important to me, as I am a bit of a techie and fuss-pot...but the drive comes first.i am 6 1 and 220 lbs...and the option of having 2 extra emergency seats is nice...but they are borderline useless, but can come in handy for me. also i am used to lots of space now (s550) and quite a bit of hp(387)...i have driven the 2008 cayman s, it was fun, never driven the 911, at least recently, if you think its a better choice for me, I will go and try it...its just a lot more money, but I am thinking 80gs versus 95 gs...at the end of the day..both more than i want to spend.
In, brief, which car do you prefer and why...cayman s vs 911? and year?
also, out of curiosity, i found a 2007 c2s with 4090km for around 89999...good deal? are their big changes from 2007 to 2009/
thanks a lot and sorry for all the questions
i am also considering c63, and xf supercharged-jag
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Default RE: Stuck 911 vs Cayman S

http://paultan.org/archives/2008/08/...mited-edition/I would go with The 2008 Cayman Sport Edition limited Production (Not the Design edition). I see there are some available In canada .It has 20 more HP(then the S )is limited in production to only 700 made world wide!! and its HOT!!! REALLY HOT!! looking for the $. Smokes a 911 in looks and you will have a unique car. Put these 2 cars side by side and ask 20 people what car looks better and I bet all 20 would go for the Cayman Sport ..ITS A NO BRAINER !! sorry all you 911 lovers thats just the hard truth ..Time to move over, buy hey we are all part of the Porsche family in my book and the 911 is what made Porsche what they are today so you have to respect that .The 911 is a classic and always will be, but the Cayman Sport edition ..Man thats a Hot looking Car
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Default RE: Stuck 911 vs Cayman S

Well, generally you get more if you pay more. A 911 4S has good power and four wheel drive. Buy a set of aftermarket, narrow hweels and put the factory recommended minimum wdith winter tires on it and you have a pretty good winter car. I had a Tiptronic Carrera for four years and really liked it - i upgraded to an Aston martin but that had ntohing to do with the transmission. I would have bought a 911 S (not four wheel drive I live in North Carolina) with the pdk and the all leather interior, had I stuck with Porsche.
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Default RE: Stuck 911 vs Cayman S

One of my vehicles is a 1999 911 c4 Cabriolet, this is the best all season Porsche made(excluding Cayenne). Yes, the Cayman S is a great vehicle, but it doesn't offer as much as the 911. The 911has biggerseats and interior, as well as more power, and modeloptions. Matter of fact, if you are still in the market for one, I'm looking to purchase a 2008 turbo this spring. I live in Northern Maine my C4 has 10,000 original miles on it, although I keep it stored in the winter, it would make a great all season car with the proper tires. It's showroom condition, I still may keep it, but if you are interested I would entertain selling it. If you are interested let me know and I'll send photos and more info. Thanks Mark
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