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Sayonara Lotus!

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Default Sayonara Lotus!

So far, my 951 has eaten around 6 cars, the fastest of which being a new lotus elise. Anyways, onto the story...

So there i was, crusing along the freeway at a steady 60 mph. I switched lanes lazily to get onto the offramp when a set of high powered halogen headlamps pearced my rearview. Whatever was coming up behind me was low...lower than my car, which as most Porsche owners know is rare. The guy was tailgating my butt, and i was really in no mood for a race, so i pulled into the other lane to let him by. To my suprise, it was a brand new lotus elise. He casually peered over at my car and blipped the throttle. I obliged, blipping my throttle just a bit. We were at a light that proceeded directly into a corner, so i decided i'd wait until we hit the main strip to light her up. The lotus tucked in behind me as i turned onto the main drag, and as soon as i rounded the corner i switched lanes to let him pull along side me. He held up 3 fingers, indicating that he wanted a 3 honk race from a roll. I nodded, and held up 3 fingers. We were doing about 10 mph as he honked 3 times, and i let the turbo roar, with a meanicing growl out of my brand new Fabspeed exhaust system. I had about half a car lenth on him when we reached 60, and by the time i hit 85, he was squarely in my rearview. i slowed down and flashed my tail lights, letting him see the TURBO lettering he must have missed when he was tailgating me. He wanted another shot, so i obliged, burning him a second time. He pulled alongside me for the final time, rolling his window down. I cranked mine down while he said: "What the hell do you have in that thing?!". I told him it was a 4 banger turbo, and his eyes lit up. "by the way you took off, i thought you had 8!" he said. I let out a **** faced grin while i commented on how bitchin his lotus was and how i'd kill to own one. "maybe some day" i said.
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Default RE: Sayonara Lotus!

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Default RE: Sayonara Lotus!

Be careful, all the eating and it will get fat.
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Default RE: Sayonara Lotus!

Not ready to start a flame war or anything, but lotus Elise's are not fast cars. I'm not saying it's a slow car by any means, but my old 05 SRT-4 putting300 fwHP from a 30 roll put one about 3 car lengths behind it by the time we hit 80 to 85. Granted a SRT runs 13.8 or lower in the quarter stock, but I completely disagree that an Elise is a fast car. However, I am an Elise fan so please don't bash me for being a "hater". I have actually debated buying one.
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Default RE: Sayonara Lotus!

Look guys, Lotus's are for real. They are fast. They aren't comfortable or real daily drivers (in my opinion), but they are just about unbeatable in two areas: cornering and handling in tight twisties, and acceleration out of corners at any speeds below 80 mph: they don't have the raw HP that is needed at really high speeds above that, (but then, neither do many Porsches), where it becomes a pure power war if you want to go fast, but they are awesome below 80ph or so. I have incredible respect for Lotus cars, and for anyone who can tolerate driving them for more than a few minutes, too: they are a pain in the butt, the back, the kidneys, and the shoulders for that matter. And, frankly, I think the latest models are butt ugly.

But they are fast and quick: I wouldn't mess with one on a tightcourse in any stock.
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Default RE: Sayonara Lotus!

Got to agree with that one Lee .
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