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I wanna build a beast!

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Default I wanna build a beast!

Hi all! This is my first post to this forum and I must say thank you to porschedoc for his amazingly informative posts. I've owned an amazing looking black 83.5 944 for about 5 years now and I'm looking to sell it within the next year and a half or so. I am only selling the one I've got to get a 951... (Hopefully black also) and build it to about 450hp... Soo that being said I need lots of guidance on this project. I've seen several 951's online pushing these kind of numbers and that's my goal. I know a new turbo,exhaust, injectors, and a MAF and ecu remapping/chip are in order but I'm having a heck of a time finding a good selection of performance parts and some are insanely priced! Lyndsay racing wants like $4,000 for a turbo alone.... Not a turbo kit just the turbo!!! That's crazy prices. Can you guys lead me to a turbo kit to purchase and factory turbo flange sizes and such so I know what will and what won't fit?and any performance companies with suggested parts also? Will I have to do internal motor work to hit this number??? Thanks soo much to all for any advice!!!
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Sorry for the long post and I'm trying to figure out just how much this is gonna cost me
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First, I am assuming because you are so wlling (eager, I think) to go with heavy-duty mods that you have no desire to keep your car original.

So, if you want a beast, I'd recommend keeping the 83.5 944. You can do better than 450 Hp in a 951: that car, by the way, will be peaky and fussy -- no low end torque, rather quirky, etc. Powerful but not very satsifying to drive.

Instead, I'd keep the 83.5 944 and remove the engine and trans -- you can probably sell them for a bit. Then, drop in a GM LSx V8. They make very slick kits to do this. It does not matter what the x is: even an early 345 HP LS1 will transform the car - it adds very little to the cars net weight, believe it or not, and gives you gobs of power. I know this seems sacrilege, but the LS is one of the great motors being made today - very compact, light, and fantastic power band. And used LS1s in good shape (they were in 98 - 2002 Camaros) are easy and cheap to find.
Spend a bit more on an LS3 (435 HP) or LS7 (505 HP) crate engine and you have a real beast, with a perfectly refined, low-stressed engine but God's own torque curve.
I've seen a couple of cars like this, around 400 HP, and they are really good, smooth, relaxed drivers that can still hang with a 944 in the curves but anytime the owner wants they can just get on it and lay down a high 12 second quarter mile without breaking a sweat.
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Thanks for the advice again lee and no I don't think it's THAT sacrilege. I've seen that done a few times. Heck I've seen it in an old pontiac fiero(spelling?) and even in a first gen miata!that's right a LS1 in a miata! In fact eventually I'm gonna buy a classic mini Cooper and do a Honda vtech k20 swap on it! Same idea really. I do think with this car I want to use a Porsche motor though.I love that big turbo sound! See I have 3 other cars to drive so this won't be a daily driver. More a weekend car if that lol. I was talking with the Porsche doc from this forum and he pointed me to vitesse racing and they seem really reasonable on prices considering every body else wants a ton of money for their parts! It's looking like about $5k to do 400hp and that's enough power for me. He said that above that would call for internal strengthening and I don't wanna get into that. But like I said it's probly gonna be a year till I start this cause I gotta build a garage at the house I just bought...sigh and your rite I am eager but do have patience and will wait for the rite car at the rite price. Any exhaust suggestions?
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